There’s nothing like the smell of a fresh blog in the morning

Welcome to “From a Code Passionate Perspective”, my brand new programming blog. If you came here redirected from my former “Machine C#ode” blog then there’s no way you couldn’t have noticed how lazy the blogger in me was back there.

I wrote quite a few interesting articles that’s true, I even had a complimenting comment from one of my all time heroes John Papa, but the truth is you can’t be a good blogger if you write 2/3 posts per year. No way you can create or reach broader audiences like that. More commitment is necessary if you want to be taken seriously.

So this first post is a public statement of compromise. I want to bring you periodic, interesting, code related content that can make you jump out of your chair with excitement.

Technically speaking what will you find in here? First and foremost Web stack development content and I’m sure you can tell from my photo up there that Microsoft technologies are my quality seal. I want to share and talk about the code I develop as well write technical articles and video tutorials that can improve your knowledge or sharpen your saw as a programmer.

But rest assured dear reader I am no fundamentalist so expect an eclectic range of technologies in here as well.

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Stay tuned for my next week post where I will showcase my newest creation for the .NET space. It will knock your socks off!

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