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More Power and Control with CodeCop v2 (Pre-Release)

Hello dear reader, today I would like to announce that is our intention during the course of next week to push a pre-release of CodeCop v2 to nuget.

If you’be been following us and are already jumping in the air with excitement, please keep on reading as I will unveil some of the new goodies to you.

What v2 brings

API wise (JSON and Fluent) we haven’t changed, so there will be nothing breaking inside your code (you can breathe normally now ;)). This version is all about adding more power and control via external tools.

Process Injection API

One of v2 powerful new features is a CLI interface that will allow remote injection of CodeCop onto any .NET process and perform live method interception on it. This is very useful for legacy scenarios where you don’t have the source code of an application or service, can’t add the CodeCop assembly via code as a dependency and still want to be able to capture methods on it.

I will do a post showcasing this feature after next week’s launch, but we are planning to preview it live, next Monday, Nov 2nd, 2015 at Igal Tabachnik’s BrownBag Conference session.

Visual Interception Flow AKA CopFlow

What do you get when you mix D3.js with CodeCop? You get the ability to immediately visualize in a tree style diagram all the intercepted methods from any application. Details like parent-child relations, execution times, parameters and exceptions will all be visible inside CopFlow. All this in a very intuitive, modern and slick web UI.

A post demonstrating this feature will also follow the pre-release launch.

Internal Engine Tweaks

Even though not visible to the end-user we have done quite a few internal engine optimizations that will speed even further the live method interception process. This has emerged as the result of a daily-based interaction with some of our key users who provided their feedback upon real world usage scenarios.

So expect a even faster and mature CodeCop with v2.

Why a Pre-Release?

As I said the API’s weren’t touched, so CodeCop v2 is stable to use live altough tagged as pre-release. As we’re adding the 2 aforementioned new features we thought to let them go before completely stabilized. No better way to see how they behave than gather real-world usage feedback from our beloved users first. Only afterwards we will put our quality seal on them.

Every Launch is a Celebration

Because every time CodeCop reaches a new stage is a personal victory to me, I would like to celebrate v2 launch by offering to 10 randomly selected people from our subscribers list a license discount voucher of 50% on all product types. For that just subscribe at our site before 2015/11/06 and win a chance to work with CodeCop without limitations for half its price!

That’s all about I have for you today, until next week, happy policing with CodeCop!

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