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CodeCop on .Net Rocks!

I had the privilege to be invited as guest for one of the most iconic and respected shows in the .NET Community, the .NET Rocks! show.

For 52 minutes I was given the opportunity to speak with the guys about CodeCop and explain what it is, how it works and why does one need it. It was show 1198 and you can listen to it here.

The reason for this invite had to do with the awesome reactions the product and its concept of method interception using JSON are having on the .NET Community. In just 3-1/2 weeks since the launch we’ve had until this precise moment 2.364 total nuget packages downloaded and hundreds of active product subscribers.

If you are one of them I cannot let this moment pass without personally addressing you a HUGE Kudos! Without your involvement and interest none of this would have ever happened.

On the other hand if you’re someone who never heard of us or haven’t tried us out, Welcome! Check our homepage, wiki , my posts or the learning sessions youtube channel that will help you get started.

As you know, the .NET Rocks! show is the place where Developer “Superstars” like Scott Hanselman, John Sonmez, John Papa , Phil Haack, Julie Lerman among other Microsoft important personalities like Scott Guthrie or Scott Hunter go. To be a part of this list is something that makes me real proud and reinforces my belief that CodeCop is really an innovative and useful product.

Let me finish off by saying if like me you are building a project that you firmly believe in, where you put everything you got into it whether it rains or shines, may this post inspire you to continue pursuing your dreams as probably like you dear reader, I never though I could be part of the history of .NET Rocks!

See you next time, happy interception with CodeCop!

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