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Announcing CodeCop 1.2 – High-Speed Method Interception for .NET

I am very pleased to announce that CodeCop 1.2 has hit the streets. This release is all about one of our main concerns, optimizations to method interception speeds.

If you’ve been following CodeCop you know that we do live method interception in .NET and because of this, I keep getting asked all the time what is the performance penalty associated with it?

Well, I would lie if I answered none, but I can’t be called a liar if I told you that we have concentrated all our development efforts to make it barely minimal on this version.

Barely minimal, what do you mean?

To prove what I’ve just said, check the video below, from our YouTube channel where I use CodeCop to intercept 1000 methods in just…drum roll please…6.7 seconds! Yes you read it right, 0.0067 seconds per single method.

This is a radical speed increase of 1000% comparing to our first releases, so if you’ve been using them you’ll be amazed when you upgrade.

If you don’t know what CodeCop is and want to know more about it, you have plenty of places to start, check out our site, our wiki or you can hear my interview on the .NET Rocks! show. We’d love to have you on board!

Happy Interception!

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