About Me

I’m Ricardo Barbosa, someone who runs as a full-time husband and father on his main thread but insanely passionate about his job as a computer programmer. I currently live and work in Portugal but I like to feel I am a citizen of the world.

My technological focus are Microsoft related technologies, specially on the web stack of things. But truly what I like to do most is to create cool stuff with them. C# is my favorite language of all times, but I also love to kick ass with Javascript and to unleash the power inside good ol’ C++.

Some of my best friends say if I lived in a fish tank I would probably be a bottom dweller fish, as I like to explore how technology works under the hood, that’s why I love to read those hard to digest CLR or Windows Internals books .

Education wise I have a Masters degree in Computer Engineering, but I’ve done many things in the past (yes I even sold insurances when I was a younger lad).

I also like music and playing the guitar, although these days it’s more air guitar than anything else.

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I am also present on most of the social networking sites, just use the social icon buttons above to find me.

Hope you find useful or can relate with some of the stuff I say here, but above all thanks for stopping by!

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